Course curriculum

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    Instructions for this course

    • Making the Most of this Course

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    Welcome to the course!

    • Great to "meet" you!

    • Course instructions and materials

    • WATCH THIS FIRST! Use the first three sheets in your Training Packet with this prerequisite lesson.

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    Let's get started!

    • Making Your Best First Impression- before learning the rest, use these tips to improve TODAY!

    • Recognizing The Researcher "Twist"

    • Recognizing The Researcher "Focus"

    • Practice Observing Researchers

    • Recognizing The Judge "Tip"

    • Recognizing The Judge "Pressure"

    • Practice Observing The Judge

    • Recognizing The Action Hero "Lean"

    • Recognizing The Action Hero "Timing"

    • Practice Observing the Action Hero

    • How to use this in your interview

    • Nonverbal Red Flags to Avoid

    • And Another Thing...

    • Virtual Interview Body Language Bonus! You need to make some adjustments!

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    Bonus Material!

    • Congrats! Here is some bonus Networking Ninja Material

    • Network Ninja Series- Don't throw away your introduction!

    • Hostess Mindset

    • Easiest system for a killer introduction!

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    What's Next?

    • Next steps...